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Great for the beginner, Quick for the accomplished!

Introducing new 2018 nine months to Quilt projects - for
anyone with nine months (or less) to sew some baby love.

There are 53 patterns featuring clear, tested, color
available now!  AND none of them are out
of print!!
  •  Roll Over  (NM-101)
  •  Come Play With Me  (NM-102)
  •  Grandmother's Inspiration  (NM-103)
Calling all "baby" sewers!

All bean counter Quilts patterns are beginner and class friendly.  They
are meant to inspire "baby" sewers (meaning those who are either
new to sewing, returning to sewing, or just have a baby to sew for).   
Because there is nothing so sweet, or inspiring as a new baby!
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nine months to Quilt projects
for anyone with nine months (or less) to sew some baby love!
  •  Goose, Goose, Duck  (NM-104)
  •  Momma's got Butterflies  (NM-105)
  •  Fun n' Games  (NM-106)
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  •  Baby Charms  (NM-107)
  •  Rascal's Rodeo  (NM-108)
  •  Candy for Baby  (NM-109)
  •  Due Date  (NM-110)
  •  Crawling Critters  (NM-111)
  •  Playpen Penguins  (NM-112)
  •  Count Down  (NM-113)
  •  Five a Day  (NM-114)
  •  Bouncing Borders (NM-115)
  •  Nieces and Nephews  (NM-116)
  •  Animal Tracks  (NM-117)
  • Spell it Out (NM-118)
  •  Sheep Little Baby (NM-119)
  •  Pan of Bars  (NM-120)
  • A Quick Delivery (NM-121)
  •  Ready to Bloom (NM-122)
  •  Not So Shabby Scarf  (NM-123)
  •  With a Twist  (NM-124)
  •  Baby's Bedding (NM-128)
  •  One Good Twist (NM-129)
  •  Stocking Sweet Stocking  (NM-130)
  •  Life is Good (NM-131)
  •  Stubby Toes Stocking  (NM-132)
  •  Celebration Runner  (NM-133)
  •  Grow UP Tall Giraffe  (NM-125)
  •  One in the Oven  (NM-126)
  •  Tag Along Turtle  (NM-127)
  •  Grow Up Wise Owl  (NM-134)
  •  You'll Go Gaga  (NM-135)
  •  Keep it Simple (NM-141)
  • Stinkin' Cute (NM-142)
  • Live, Laugh, Bathe (NM-143)
  •  The All Season Table (NM-136)
  •  Blooming Borders (NM-137)
  •  Boo Yah Bag (NM-138)

  •  Glad Tidings (NM-139)
  •  One Block Onesie (NM-140)
2018 new pattern introductions
  •  Due Date 2 (NM-144)
  •  Dessert Tray  (NM-145)
  • Beautifully Easy Runner (NM-146)
  • Panel Expression (NM-147)
  • Panel Expression 2 (NM-148)
  • Sweet Sailing (NM-149)
  • Tiled Runner (NM-150)
  • Panel Expression 3 (NM-151)
  • Super Cinchy Runner (NM-152)
  • New Favorite (NM-153)