nine months to Quilt projects
for anyone with nine months (or less) to sew some baby love!
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Below are some snaps from prior Quilt Market's in Portland, Houston and Salt Lake City.
A bonus picture of my
son "helping me" in my
studio.  Notice the keen
concentration skills!
3 new nine months to Quilt projects were introduced at Spring Quilt Market
in Minneapolis 2010!
 If you missed me there, here are some photos.
2009 spring Market was in Pittsburgh.  The introductions from that market are awesome!
Pastels, Trend Colors, or
primary/brights, all have great
pairings with bcQ patterns!
I was really excited to have a
visit from Mary Jacobson
(right) of Me and My Sister
bcQ is thrilled to have been selected by American Quilt
Retailer - Issue 88 for a
Spring International Quilt Market
for the Bouncing Borders pattern introduced in
Sometimes we even get
a minute to visit with
other designers that
have become close

Here (left) is Jamie
Kalvestran's Scrap-Bags
booth - totally lovely!
Left:  Mary is a bff of
mine!  Gave up her
entire Sunday to help
me out!  Looked good
doing it too!  

The black accented quilts
are from the "Pan of Bars"
pattern in Twin and Crib
Above:  Jan is my right hand and truly a great
friend and lady.  I enjoyed every minute
setting up and working the booth with her.

"Sheep Little Baby" was a show stopper - shown here
to the right (and the lower left - from United
Notions booth).
Introducing:  A Quick Delivery (left), Pan of Bars (center), and Sheep Little Baby (right)
Had lots of fun with
the Twister Tool
designed by Country
Schoolhouse (CS)
Designs.  2 of the new
intros utilize the tool.  
With a Twist (nm-124)
and One in the Oven
The Seuss sample in
black, red, and white of
"With a Twist" was very
"One in the
Oven" is on the
left up high - a
set of 3 kitchen

The Seuss sample
of "Come Play
With Me
(nm-102) in
brights on the
left was another

AND..."Grow UP
Tall Giraffe"
(nm-125) on the
right was stunning!  
A "stop and pet me"
moment for sure.
bean counter Quilts at Quilt Market  
St. Louis - Coming in May 2017 - Booth 333